Mold Remediation

Mold is one of the most dangerous substances found in almost every home. It also often goes unseen and untouched until it becomes a devastating problem for homeowners. At Community Property Restoration, we take preventative measures and educate our clients about the dangers of mold growth, thus thoroughly preparing them for our services. As professional mold removal contractors, we make sure that all our work is performed in such a way that any mold is contained, and cannot spread from your walls to other areas of your home. Our team not only eliminates mold and mildew growth, but we also take preventative measures to make sure it doesn’t happen again, using mold spore removal and mold abatement methods to help keep your property safe for years to come.

The Link Between Mold Damage & Water Damage
Mold is often a side effect of water damage as mold needs moisture to grow. That is why at Community Restoration we start with the latest technology to detect the source of moisture in your home and then dry the property for remediation. Once we have a handle on where the mold growth is located, we can contain it and remove it completely, while taking care of lingering water damage at the same time. Our technicians are also certified with state-approved requirements to properly remove mold and eliminate bacteria in the wake of water damage, meaning you never have to worry about returning to an unsafe property. Mold can multiply and grow at an exponential rate, so don’t wait around and expect it to disappear on its own. If you have recently experienced any floods, leaks, or additional kinds of water damage, give us a call; even if the water damage may not seem severe, a mold problem may not be far behind!

Water Damage Cleanup

At Community Property Restoration we’re ready to help with any water damage situation you’re dealing with. Regardless of the scope of your job, our team can handle it professionally and efficiently. Handling the aftermath of a flood needs to be done quickly in order to mitigate the damage, and our team will always be there ASAP. We offer 24/7 emergency availability, so you never have to wait to call us for your water damage needs. Whether your entire home has flooded or it is just a single room, we have the tools and experience to take care of it. Our goal is to get your home looking like new again, and with our fast response times, we can prevent the growth of mold and bacteria, too.

No matter what kind of water damage category you encounter, it’s wise to engage a professional water damage restoration company near you to evaluate the severity of your loss and your potential risks.

A licensed water extraction professional from Community Restoration will start the water damage cleanup process by evaluating your water damage first before starting the water removal process of excess water or the drying process. Once the water removal is complete, the drying process can begin by first getting to evaporate the remaining water that has already penetrated baseboards, walls, and floors. Community Restoration uses a specialized drying process called Advanced Drying System (ADS), to accomplish this task very efficiently and effectively.

Special dehumidifier equipment pumps out low pressure, dry air and also collects the evaporated moisture particles in the air that got extracted from structural materials through air movement. The dehumidifiers then convert the evaporated water into liquid form again transporting it through hoses to a nearby sink or similar drain outlet to dispose of it.

Through the entire water damage restoration process, your restoration contractor should keep you informed of the progress being made. As part of our water damage services, we continuously inspect air and affected material moisture levels with special monitoring tools like moisture sensors and thermo-hygrometers that give us temperature and humidity readings. This lets us control the drying process.

Home Restoration

Rebuilding your home after a devastating fire is an enormous undertaking. We know it’s not just the fire and smoke damage that’s wreaked havoc on your home. Cleaning up and repairing your home after the damaging effects of heavy rains, floods, and broken pipes is also part of our rebuilding process – and Community Property Restoration is here to help you! If your house has been damaged or destroyed by fire, smoke, water, moisture, or mold, the experts at Community Property Restoration can address every part of your home that’s been affected – from your roof to your foundation. Community Property Restoration is your local, full-service solution for water damage cleanup, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, roof leakage repair, and full home restoration and rebuild.

Community Property Restoration will work with you from beginning to end on your home’s repairs. We are a full-service, local rebuild contractor, which means you can experience the ease and speed that comes with trusting a single company for your entire home rebuild. From navigating insurance and permit compliance, to damage assessment, through design, build, and management, we will work alongside you to make sure your needs are met, from start to finish.

Fire Damage Restoration

Prompt action is critical. The first 24 to 48 hours after a fire can determine the extent of structural damage that will need to be mitigated and restored. An effective emergency plan includes stabilizing the structure first. This will expedite the recovery process. The soot and smoke damage that is produced when fires are extinguished accelerates the deterioration and corrosion of building materials and of the structure’s contents. To make things worse, fires are extinguished with dry chemicals and/or water. The fire damage restoration process includes mitigating the damage, cleaning up smoke damage, and performing restoration as quickly as possible after the damage first occurs.

Read more on our fire process.

We have over 18 years of experience in Restoration.

Bobby Dexter is the owner of Community Property Restoration. A Hampton Roads native, Bobby has been in the restoration/construction industry for nearly 18 years. After being the top producer at a leading restoration company for more than 6 years, Bobby brings his experience, expertise, and trustworthiness to his clients.

Bobby truly is a success story, starting out as a laborer in the restoration/construction industry to being an owner of a Restoration company. He has been able to make this transition because of his faith, hard work, and the unwavering support of his family.

Bobby Dexter

Company CEO
Community Property Restoration, Restoration Companies, Virginia Beach, VA


Our Mission and Vision


At Community Property Restoration, our mission is to approach everyone we encounter with a help-first mentality.



To restore the damaged property as efficiently as possible during a disaster.


With over 18 years of experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next emergency, project, or rebuild. We are a locally owned and operated family business. We provide professional restoration services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.


Step 1:

Emergency Contact
The restoration process begins when Community Property Restoration is contacted. We are staffed 24 hours a day. Our representative will ask a series of questions regarding the details of your damaged property that will help us dispatch an emergency services team with the appropriate equipment and resources.

Step 2:

Intake and Emergency Services
Community Property Restoration will inspect the property and begin emergency services (Ie water removal and drying and/or securing the property from a fire.

Step 3:

Detailed Repair Inspection
During the process of emergency services, Community Property Restoration will write and prepare a scope of work necessary to rebuild the property to pre-loss condition.

Step 4:

Insurance Approval
Obtain an estimate approval from your insurance carrier.

Step 5:

Work Begins!